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Swing Along with Me - 1961

And the Winner Is...

If that’s not an option, go with one of these three:  1.) The 1989 CD, if “a little on the bright side” is to your liking; 2.) a vintage stereo LP if “darker roast” is okay; or 3.) If you prefer bright and insist on all-analog, then get the MFSL.  All three of these choices contain the shortened “Granada.”

This album needs another remix, by somebody with a sensitivity to what’s on the session tapes, as I guaran-dang-tee you that there’s a (degree of) gold on those 3-track tapes compared to what’s coming across on the original mix releases.  Every version that is out there has flaws that are not exactly subtle.  The panacea lies in putting the right person with the right sensibilities and the right gear at the right place at the right time to get it done.  Maybe some day!  In the meantime, pick your poison, gentlemen.

One more thing: Would it kill somebody to reissue this album with the back cover in COLOR and with the correct text, like it was back in the day???????


Run down to your local used record shop and buy yourself the 1995 “Sinatra Suitcase” set.  Take out disc two, and run the tracks in album order, or burn yourself a CD or copy it to your iPod, or whatever you do to hear music these days.  It’s arguably the best-sounding version, and it has the added feature of being the only release of the long version of Granada that includes both the excellent sax solo that first was released on the original mono LP AND the proper lyrics as heard via a tape intercut on the original 7” single release.  There’s your de facto winner!

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