I Remember Tommy - 1961

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There are many decent sounding versions of this album available, but I’m going with the original R9 pressing as my personal favorite, with the later 1-H pressing in second place, and the WW-1 pressing very nice, if a bit dark.  In the CD arena, I’d choose the currently-available 1998 (reused for the 2010 EU remaster and the later Japanese SHM CD) remaster as the best digital choice, even though it has some shortcomings, as the earlier CD is just too “smeary” and wet-sounding, IMO. 

MMM points out a very salient feature of the mono LPs: The cohesion in the rhythm section, which is split between far left and far right in the stereo versions.  The mono is a very good-sounding option, although my personal preference is for the stereo in this case.

Again, many LP pressings are top-notch, including some of the later US versions.  YMMV.

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And the winner is...

Original R9 stereo LP

  1. -Full range tone

  2. -Wide separation

  3. -Original mix