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While the R9 -7 and FS 1-H pressings do sound different, the difference is relatively slight.  What follows is a clip (in uncompressed WAV format) that alternates every few seconds between the two pressings, starting with the R9 pressing. Click: IllBeSeeingYouR9-FS alternating.wav

Meanwhile, while the 1980s Japanese pressing is on super-quiet vinyl, it is subtly lacking  in “air” and “sparkle” to my ears.  A sample that alternates in this order: Japan, R9, Japan, R9, Japan, R9: I'llBeSeeingYouJapan-R9Alternating.wav.  The changes are subtle, but pronounced enough that I can pick them out every time.


At right, by clicking “View,” then “Open in iTunes,” you can hear the 90-second, free sample clip of “I’ll Be Seeing You” (track 7), as available on iTunes.  All samples presented for comparison on this page fall within that same 90-second sample window, and are posted for discussion purposes only.

About the samples on this page:

ABOVE: An original UK R9-1003 pressing, courtesy SH.TV member “Scott1234.”

Stereo LPs (Click on photos to hear samples):

ABOVE: An original B8  R-1003 mono pressing

Mono LPs (Click on photos to hear samples):

ABOVE: A later “1-H”  FS-1003 LP (Columbia pressing)

This album was one of three Sinatra titles to be initially released on Ampex tape via United Tape Products.  It was re-issued again when Reprise shifted tape production to StereoTape.  As with the “Ring-a-Ding Ding” reels from Ampex and StereoTape, the “I Remember Tommy” releases have very different qualities to their sound.

Please note that I contacted member stevelucille to make sure that his tape machine was properly cleaned, aligned, etc., and he said that it was and that the sound quality of the tape was actually (to his knowledge) “on the tape,” not due to damage or misalignment or dirty heads, etc.  On the other hand, my Ampex reel *is* damaged, so please forgive the audible damage on the Ampex sample.

Below (click on photo), you can hear two samples, in this order:

  1. 1.Steve’s StereoTape reel, #S9-1003, issued sometime after November, 1962.

  2. 2.My Ampex/United reel, #RSL-1707, the original 1961 issue.

Reel-to-Reel Tapes:

By the way, my copy of FS-1003 (1-H) is a bit of an odd variant, from a 1970s batch, after the gatefold was discontinued, and it just seems as if something is missing.....

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Oddly, the 1961 RSL-1707 Ampex reel plays about 1/4-step fast, while the later S9-1003 Stereotape reel plays about 1/4-step slow.  I’ve matched them to the speed of the 1998 CD release.

ABOVE: 1980s (UPC code era) JW1  LP (Capitol pressing).

ABOVE: An original UK R-1003 pressing, courtesy SH.TV member “Scott1234.”

ABOVE: An original R9-1003 “-7” LP (Waddell pressing)

ABOVE: c. 1976 UK steamboat LP, with “K-50463 B1 S-15 D-” in the deadwax, courtesy SH.TV member “bferr.”

ABOVE: Circa 1971 Japanese Warner-Pioneer LP

ABOVE: Early ‘80s (?) Japanese Warner-Pioneer LP (Sorry about the slight sibilance.  I bought it used.)

ABOVE: 1980s (pre-UPC code era) WW1  LP (Capitol Winchester pressing).

Also, the 1971 Japanese blue-label pressing uses an alternate cover (and has sub-par sound quality):