Non-Album Tracks, 1959

Thank you to SHTV’s “Bob F” for his invaluable assistance in compiling this information.

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September 22, 1959 at 20th Century-Fox

Let’s Do It

(Duet with Shirley MacLaine)

Top Choice, despite two minor caveats:

•Reprise In Hollywood CD (stereo remix) -- See NOTES at right


•Despite having a slightly shorter edit than the original LP version, and despite having Shirley MacLaine’s harshly recorded vocals wonkily presented “hard right,” the 2002 IN HOLLYWOOD CD is, by a substantial margin, the best-sounding version to my ears.

•Recorded at 20th Century-Fox, assumedly to multi-track 35mm mag film for 70mm 6-track Todd-AO theatrical release.

Mix/edit variants:

Original mono mix:  Dry vocals; slightly dull tone. Full length.

Original stereo mix: Soupy vocals, both singers positioned just right of center.  Full length.

1989 stereo remix (re-used in 1991): Dry-ish vocals; Frank centered in mix; Shirley at far right; First word (“Why,” spoken by Sinatra) not included.

2002 stereo remix: Dry vocals; Frank centered in mix; Shirley at far right; First word (“Why,” spoken by Sinatra) not included,

Arranger/Conductor: Nelson Riddle

Original Release: Can-Can soundtrack LP, mono and stereo, March 28, 1960

Original CD Release: Can-Can or Great Films and Shows (UK), both 1989

Releases sampled:

•1960 Can-Can mono LP

•1978 Twenty Golden Greats LP

•1984 UK Can-Can stereo LP

•1989 Can-Can CD (stereo)*

•1989 UK The Great Films & Shows CD (stereo)

•1991 UK 20 Golden Greats CD (stereo)*

•1997 Australia Can-Can CD (stereo)

•2002 Reprise In Hollywood CD (stereo)

*Shared remix/transfer, differently mastered

Audio Clips - MONO

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Above: D8 Can-Can LP

Audio Clips - STEREO

Above: MONO MIX 1982 Japan The Hit Maker LP

Above: 1984 UK Can-Can LP (original stereo mix), mastered (from digital?) by Harry Moss

Above: 1989  Can-Can CD, courtesy SH.TV’s Bob F. Remixed and mastered by Robert Norberg (reused in the 1989 German EMI-Electrola CD - thanks to SH.TV’s “wvk3”)

Above: 1997 Australia Can-Can CD (original stereo mix), courtesy SH.TV’s “progrockfan”

Above: 2002 Reprise Frank Sinatra in Hollywood CD (stereo remix), courtesy Bill Wright

Above: 1991 20 Golden Greats CD (1989 Norberg remix, newly remastered)

Above: 1978 UK Twenty Golden Greats LP (original stereo mix), mastered by Nick Webb

Above: 1989 UK Great Films & Shows CD (original stereo mix)