Non-Album Tracks, 1958

Thank you to SHTV’s “Bob F” for his invaluable assistance in compiling this information.

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May 29, 1958 (double session)

The Song from “Kings Go Forth” (Monique) / Ebb Tide / Angel Eyes /

Spring Is Here / Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry /

Only the Lonely / Lush Life / Willow Weep for Me

Top Choice:

•1992 At the Movies CD (mono)

Best Stereo Options:

•1984 UK Sinatra Sings...of Love and Things LP

•UK Screen Sinatra CD (a bit lean?)

•MFSL Sinatra Sings...Of Love and Things LP (a bit bass-heavy?)


UK Sinatra Sings...Of Love and Things CD - tonally a little thin/buzzy


Complete Capitol Singles Collection and its reuse - Severely processed Norberg Stereo Remix

•All mono Sinatra Sings...Of Love and Things LPs - wrong, reverb-added tapes

•Mono The Movie Songs LP - even “more wrong,” if that’s possible

•1980 UK Screen Sinatra LP - fold-down to mono of the stereo mix


•Of all the releases of the mono recording, only two are sourced from the original, correct tapes:  The 45, which has compression added and mildly un-rich tone, and the 1992 At the Movies CD, mastered by Larry Walsh.  I’m somewhat surprised that Mr. Walsh chose to use the mono recording (unique among CD releases), but I’m glad he did, as it sounds wonderful. (See “avoid” list at left.)

•The 1962 N2 stereo LP and 1983 MFSL stereo LP are very similar tonally, but the N2, by comparison, is severely lacking in dynamics.  While the tone remains excellent, the compression emphasizes the reverb, which is not flattering over the long run.

•One of very few Sinatra non-LP tracks to be recorded in the 3-mics-for-stereo manner (and about 10 mics for mono, which was standard).  This is why instruments such as bass and harp sound so different on the mono vs. stereo editions.

Arranger: uncredited, possibly Harry Sukman

Conductor: Felix Slatkin

Original Release: 45 #4003, May, 1959

Original LP Release: Sinatra Sings...

    Of Love and Things, July 22, 1962

Original CD Release:

    Screen Sinatra, UK, 1989

Releases sampled for this comparison:

•1958 45

•1962 Sinatra Sings...

    Of Love and Things mono LP

•1962 Sinatra Sings...

    Of Love and Things stereo LP

•1967 The Movie Songs mono LP

•1980 UK Screen Sinatra LP (mono)

•1981 Australia The Rarities -

    Volume One LP (mono)

•1984 UK Sinatra Sings...

    Of Love and Things LP (stereo)

•1984 Holland Sinatra Sings...

    Of Love and Things LP (mono)

•1989 UK Screen Sinatra CD* (stereo)

•1992 At the Movies CD (mono)

•1996 Complete Capitol Singles

    Collection CD** (stereo)

•1998 UK The Rare Sinatra CD* (stereo)

•2002 In Hollywood CD** (stereo)

*Same Transfer to Digital; differently

    mastered (original stereo mix used)

**Same stereo remix/mastering

Audio Clips - mono


All clips posted here mirror those freely available via itunes.  To access the 90-second iTunes clip, click VIEW, then “VIEW IN ITUNES” when prompted.

Song #1:

“The Song from ‘Kings Go Forth’” (Monique)

Above: 1996 Complete Capitol Singles CD, mastered by Bob Norberg, courtesy “rangerjohn”.  Re-used in the In Hollywood boxed set.

Above: 1959 D1 45, courtesy stevelucille

Above: 1992 At the Movies CD, mastered by Larry Walsh, courtesy rangerjohn

The two masterings above are the only mono masterings sourced from the correct, “dry” mono tape.

All other mono releases used the processed “....Of Love and Things” reels (EQ, reverb, compression added), with the exception of the 1980 Screen Sinatra LP, which is a fold-down of the stereo mix.

Many releases use the heavily processed “Sinatra Sings...Of Love and Things” tapes, rather than the correct tapes sampled above. 

Here is a clip that demonstrates the difference between the sound of the correct mono tapes vs. the incorrect mono tapes.  With each vocal phrase, the source will change, in this order:  1.) Mono “Of Love and Things” LP*; 2.) At the Movies; 3.) Of Love and Things LP* again; 4. At the Movies CD again.

Link to Audio: MoniqueDMM-ATM-DMM-ATM.mp3

*(For the curious: The mono LP used in the clips is probably the best sounding release of the mono LP, the 1984 Dutch DMM version.)

Audio Clips - stereo

Above: 1998 UK Sinatra Sings...of Love and Things CD, courtesy “old coder”.

Above: 1962 N2 Sinatra Sings...Of Love and Things LP

Above: 1982 J1 abridged Sinatra Sings...Of Love and Things LP, mastered by Jay Maynard

Above: 1983 MFSL Sinatra Sings...Of Love and Things LP, mastered by Jack Hunt

Above: 1989 UK Screen Sinatra CD

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Above: 1984 UK Sinatra Sings...Of Love and Things LP, courtesy SHTV’s BFerr1