Non-Album Tracks, 1956

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January 12, 1956 -

It Happened in Monterey / Swingin’ Down the Lane /

Flowers Mean Forgiveness / I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Top Choices:

•Japan The Hit Maker LP

•Australia Mr. Success LP

(For those keeping score, the Japanese LP has mildly wider dynamic range.)

A Definite Step Down:

•The 45 releases have nice tone, but are compressed

Not as good:

•UK Sinatra Sings Music for Pleasure LP - compressed, with dull tone and multiple tape dropouts


Forever Frank LP and Japan The Hit Collection CD - wet tapes

•Complete Capitol Singles - Norberg


•Still no proper CD or domestic LP release for this title.

Arranger/Conductor: Nelson Riddle

Original Release: 45/78 #3350, Feb. 1956

Original LP Release:

    UK Sinatra Sings Music for Pleasure, 1959

Original CD Release:

    Japan All the Way: The Hit Collection, 1989

Releases sampled for this comparison:

•1956 45

•1956 Hey! Jealous Lover EP

•1959 UK Sinatra Sings Music for Pleasure LP

•1966 Forever Frank LP

•1982 Australia Mr. Success LP

•1982 Japan The Hit Maker LP

•1989 Japan This Hit Collection CD

•1996 Complete Capitol Singles CD

Song #2:

“Swingin’ Down the Lane”

See: Songs for Swingin’ Lovers

Audio Clips

Song #1:

“It Happened in Monterey”

See: Songs for Swingin’ Lovers

Song #3:

“Flowers Mean Forgiveness”

Song #4:

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin”

See: Songs for Swingin’ Lovers

From Billboard, Feb. 11, 1956


All clips posted here mirror those freely available via

Above: 1996 Complete Capitol Singles CD, mastered by Bob Norberg, courtesy “rangerjohn”.

Above: 1980s Australian Mr. Success LP

Above: 1982 Japan The Hit Maker LP

Above: 1989 Japan Hit Collection CD, courtesy Chuck Granata

Above: 1959 UK Sinatra Sings Music for Pleasure LP

Above: D6 45, courtesy Bozburn

Above: D1 EP, courtesy Bozburn

Above: D1 45, courtesy Stevelucille

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