Non-Album Tracks, 1955

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March 4, 1955 -

It Never Entered My Mind / Not as a Stranger / Deep in a Dream /

I’ll Never Be the Same

Song #1:

“It Never Entered My Mind”

(See In the Wee Small Hours)

Above: 1998 UK Look to Your Heart CD, courtesy “OldCoder.”  (Mastering re-used, with additional compression, in the 2008 At the Movies CD.)

Above: 1996 Complete Capitol Singles CD, mastered by Bob Norberg, courtesy “rangerjohn”.

Above: 1983 MFSL Look to Your Heart LP, mastered by Jack Hunt

Above: 1984 Look to Your Heart UK LP, courtesy “Sinatrafan”

Above: 1980s N-series Look to Your Heart LP, mastered by Jay Maynard.

Above: 1994 UK This is Frank Sinatra 1953-1957 CD.

Song #2:

“Not as a Stranger”

Top Choice:

1993 “At the Movies” CD, and “In Hollywood,” which duplicates that mastering.  (Also, see comments at right regarding the original 45.)

Potential second best, if in good condition:

Certain pressings of the original 45 (See NOTES at right)

Not as good:

•All others - compressed to varying degrees, and sourced from tampered-with tapes


•“Look Over Your Shoulder” LP is especially bad (wet, compressed), and not worth posting or hearing.

The Works LP - Duophonic


•The N1 45 is the first Sinatra/Capitol 45 release in this survey to not exhibit significant compression.  Oddly, the D1 45, which should be superior, is significantly compressed by comparison.

•The 2008 “At the Movies” CD reuses the 1998 UK mastering, but with very mild additional compression added.

•Best LP version? The 1983 MFSL


All clips posted here mirror those freely available via

Audio Clips

Arranger/Conductor: Nelson Riddle

Original Release: #3130, June 6, 1955

Original LP Release:

    Look to Your Heart LP, 1959

Original CD Release:

    UK Screen Sinatra, 1989

Releases sampled for this comparison:

1955 D1 45

•1955 N1 45

1961 UK Look Over Your Shoulder LP & reel

•1973 The Works LP

•1980 UK Screen Sinatra LP

•1980s Australian Mr. Success LP

•1980s Look To Your Heart LP

•1983 MFSL Look to Your Heart LP

•1984 UK Look to Your Heart LP

•1989 UK Screen Sinatra CD

•1994 UK This is Frank Sinatra 1953-1957 CD

•1992 At the Movies CD*

•1996 Mastercard Series: The Movie Years CD*

•1996 Complete Capitol Singles CD

•1998 UK Look to Your Heart CD**

•2002 In Hollywood CD*

•2008 At the Movies CD**

*Shared mastering (1996 disc adds compression)

**Shared transfer (see notes at right)

Above: 1955 N1 45, courtesy “stevelucille”

Above: 1992 At the Movies CD, mastered by Larry Walsh, courtesy “OldCoder.”  (Reused in the 2002 Reprise set, In Hollywood.)

Song #3:

“Deep in a Dream”

(See In the Wee Small Hours)

Song #4:

“I’ll Never Be the Same”

(See In the Wee Small Hours)

Above: 1989 UK Screen Sinatra CD.

Above: 1980 UK Screen Sinatra LP

Above: 1980s Australian Mr. Success LP

Left: Cover art for the rarely seen Mr. Success LP from Australia.

Above: 1955 D1 45